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Quick Updates: January 2009 St. Lucia and The Pitons.
  Judging the Kings and Queens, Trinidad The Senior King & Queen Preliminary and Semi-Final Competition are showcases for the ‘ Mas Designers ’ to show off their skill and artistry.  These costumes are portrayed by individuals and are very large and elaborate.  Costumes range from about 20 ft wide to about 30 ft tall, and the costumes weight more than 200 lbs.  The masqueraders have wheels on the costumes to assist them in carrying it off.  

Red Cross Children's Carnival, Trinidad

Not as elaborate as the Kings and Queens, all the children from 1 years old to teenagers still have fantastic costumes and the kids have a ball.

  J'ouvert - The start of Carnival Paint, mud, "chipping" and beer - the real carnival starts.
  Quick Updates: February 2009 Tobaco and Carnival in Trinidad.
  Quick Updates: March 2009 Tobago Cays and St. Lucia
  Antigua Classic Yacht Club 2009 Classic sailboats racing in Antigua.
  Quick Updates: April 2009 Antigua Classic Race Week
  Quick Update: June 2009 Tobago Cays
  Back in Trinidad, July 2009 Installing the new generator .

Travelling in Northern California during the summer.














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