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As we cruise around the different areas that we visit, we want to keep track of the people and the boats that we meet. There are thousands of cruisers and many have great websites where they share their experiences, both good and bad. Our list is still fairly short, but we'll continue to expand it as we go along. Whether you have been cruising for years or if you are thinking about taking the plunge, you'll enjoy the many ideas and stories in these cruisers websites.

Jan & Terri



Boat Name Boat Type

Crew Names


Caribbean Soul Brewer 42 Nick and Deanna Started cruising in April, 2006 -heading back home.
Argo Valiant 42 Steve and Deborah Started cruising in March 2003.
Pegasus Custom Heritage 46 Dean and Nancy Started cruising in December 2002.
Toucan Dream   Chris and Robin Kemah, TX
Chinook   Dan and Shelly The Bahamas
Wayward Sun  

Dave and Margi

The Bahamas
Uliad   Steve, Kathleen and Emmett The Bahamas
Hot Latte-Tudes S&S Swift 40 Ketch Graham and Pam The Bahamas
Offline   Jake and Carol Trinidad
Keesje II   Peter and Wendy Trinidad
Magic   Dave and Donna Puerto Rico
Southern Cross 1974 Dickerson 41 Ketch Don and D The Saints
Moon Dancer Tayana 55 Philip & Nell  
Sea Wings   Lew and Lyn  
TabbyCat Main Cat 41 Mike & Sysan  
Aspen   Steve & Maria  
Leap of Faith PDQ Bod & Lynne  
Makai   Fred & Kathy  
















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