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What we did during our summer vacation

Summer vacation? It's true- after two years of cruising the Caribbean, we needed a vacation. It is hard to explain to our friends what we mean when we say about needing a vacation. After all, we are on vacation all the time, right? Well, despite the fact that cruising is a fantastic lifestyle, it is not like living in a Four Seasons resort full time. Cruising is hard work and even if it is great work we needed a change of pace. So we put Kiva "on the hard" (i.e we took the boat out of the water left it on land) for 10 weeks as we flew back to Texas to do some traveling and catch up with friends.

One of the best things we did was spend 2 1/2 weeks in Northern California with our friends Andy and Gail. We spent the first week at a home overlooking the marina in Santa Cruz then we moved to house overlooking a golf course in Bodega Bay north of San Francisco. Finally, we spent a few days in San Francisco where we were able to spend a day of sailing on the Bay with some of our friends from our sailing club in Houston.

Yellow Corvette.
To drive around California, you need a convertible. We had ordered a Mustang but they were out of them when we arrived in Oakland. So Hertz upgraded us to a Corvette convertible. Fun, fast and very flashy...Thank you Hertz!

Wednesday races, Santa Cruz.
Wednesday night races just outside the marina.

Dog tired.
Vacation knocks me out too.

Wine Grapes.
Wine grapes in the Sonoma Valley.

Rodnet Strong.
Wine is maturing in these huge oak barrels at the Rodney Strong winery in Sonoma. We ended up drinking a great deal of excellent wine in California.

Lighthouse steps.
It is a very long walk walk down to the Point Reyes Light.


California seals.
California seals sunning on the rocks near Point Reyes.


The Ferry clock.
The clock at the ferry docks in San Francisco.


Santa Cruz Marina
The view of the marina in Santa Cruz.

The fog lifts.
The Northern California coast is well known for fog, but we were lucky. We had almost no fog during the time we were there and the weather was great.

Roller Coaster
Gail, Terri and Andy riding the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. Terri is having a good time; Gail not so much.

Harbor seal.
Posing for the tourists in the Monterey harbor.

Wine cave.
If you can't find a natural cave for your winery, make one.

307 stairs.
The last step, which means you also need to go back up 307 steps.

Bodega Bay.
Overlooking the golf course at Bodega Bay.

Sailing in the San Fansico Bay.
Sailing around San Francisco Bay.

Irish Coffee
Enjoying Irish Coffee at the Buena Vista bar.


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