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Antigua Classic Race Week , 2009

The first time we saw these beautiful classic sailboats was in 2004 when we were "sailing" on a cruise ship that docked in Antigua for a day. Nelson's Dockyard is an historical site in English Harbor and we wanted to see it while we were here. We took a taxi from St. John (the cruise dock) to have lunch and wander around the historical site. However when we came over the hill into Falmouth Harbour just before English Harbor, we were amazed at the sight of dozens of classic sailing yachts docked at the marinas and in the anchorage - we had found Classic Race Week.

The classic boats were anchored and docked in both Falmouth and English Harbour, so we did get a chance to see Nelson's Dockyard but we spent far more time looking at the boats. Finally we had to leave to get back to the cruise ship, but we though to each other that we would come back again some day when we were cruising on our boat.

2009 turned out to be that day. Last year, we arrived in Antigua a few weeks too late to see the race; this year it was on the calendar. Our friends Shaun and Bryan joined us as well to enjoy the race. ?????????missed it last year as well, but they arrived in Antigua a few days before the race. The weather was good, the parties were fantastic and although there were less boats this year than last (the economy), there were still 62 racers and there where plenty of cruisers.

Eleonora detail at end of boom.
Eleonora's boom.

ELEONORA, a 136 foot Nat Herreshoff Gaff Schooner. One of the “new” classics as it was built in 2000.

Velsheda and Rebecca
Velsheda (left) and Ranger (right)tacking before the start.

Velsheda detail.

Never too young to clean.
It's never too young to learn how to clean. The deep varnished teak and the shining bronze work on beautiful classic sailboats needs constant maintenance.


ASTOR, a 1923 schooner designed & built by Wm. Fife & Sons of Scotland.

Ranger passing behind.
RANGER, one of the new classics. This huge beautiful J-boat was designed in the classic style, but using aluminum and Kevlar sails for top performance.

Ripped sail.
An expensive rip on a very large sail - ELEONORA bows out of the second race.

Velsheda and Rebecca.Velsheda (left) and Rebecca (right).

Thalia details.
The bronze plaque shows 1888, Thalia had its 110 year old birthday during the 2009 race.

Sparkling clean.
Sparkling clean......


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