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Saint Kitts, The Grenadines and Grenada

Shirley Heights looking over English and Falmouth harbours.
Snorkeling with the turtles in the Tobago Cays.

After the races in Antigua in April, we spent another four weeks in May around Antigua enjoying the island and recovering from the partying during Classic and Race Week. After waiting for almost 2 weeks for medicine from the US, we were finally on our way again. Since we spent almost two weeks in St. Kitts looking for property on the island, our current season's time was starting to run out. We made a difficult two day trip from St. Kitts to Bequai and then moved down to the Tobago Cays for almost a week in that beautiful area. Finally, we sailed down top Grenada to wait for a weather window to drop down to Trinidad. You can check out the update here.

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