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Antigua Classic Yacht Club 2009 - April 16-21, 2009.

Shirley Heights looking over English and Falmouth harbours.
Standing at the top of Shirley Heights watching the sunset over English and Falmouth harbours, Antugua

We arrived in early April in Antigua to find a good anchorage in Falmouth Harbour before the deluge of boats arrived for the three weeks of racing and partying. The first race was the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta run by the Antigua Yacht Club, one of the largest and most renowed classic yacht races in the world. Most of the yachts were built before WWII (the oldest sailboat was built in 1898) and are things of beauty and grace, with fine lines and acres of canvas. There were also a number of newer boats built in the classic style, but using modern materiels. Whether new or old, the sailboats remind us how beautiful the old classic designs where and how difficult they were to sail through a race.

The second race was the Antigua Sailing Week (which used to be called Stanford Antigua Sailing Week until Mr. Stanford had a little problem with his Ponzi scam). More teams and less interesting boats, but faster and at least as many parties. In fact many of the boats in the race come from charter fleets all over the Caribbean, but they tend not be crewed with professionals. As a result, you can listen all day on the radio as things break and people get hurt, and that's before the parties start.

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