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Update: January 2009

Obama's Inauguration

Obema's Inauguration

Many anchorages do not have much regular TV, so most of the Americans (and many of our foreign friends) packed into restaurants and bars to see the Presidential Inaugural Ceremonies. This is a shot inside The Salty Dog in Bequia.


The Pitons in St. Lucia

Sunset with sails
A beautiful sunset behind one of the Star Clippers sailing away from the Pitons in St. Lucia.


Lunch at the Dasheene Restaurant

Jan and Terri at Dasheene.
Terri and Jan having lunch in front of the Pitons.

On January 6, we got in to a bus with our Dutch friends Rik and Annette to have lunch at the Dasheene Restaurant. The restaurant is high up between the Pitons above the anchorage in the beautiful Ladera Resort. It took several hours to get from Rodney Bay to Soufriere, the nearest town to Dasheene, but the trip was beautiful. Lunch was fantastic and we had a great view of the anchorage below us. As it turns out, a few days later we were be able to see the restaurant from the anchorage where we moored Kiva between the Pitons on our way to Bequia.

Rik and Annette on Koorau.
Rik and Annette from Koolau.

Soufriere, St. Lucia
The Dasheene Restaurant sits in between Petit and Gros Piton just south of the town of Soufriere.


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